Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a very effective cleaning process that can remove stains and dirt from clothing and other fabrics without risking shrinkage or damage. Traditional laundry services, using soap and water, can shrink, damage, or discolor clothing, while dry cleaning just cleans while protecting the clothing. For some fabrics and garments, dry cleaning is the only safe option.While some chemicals used in dry cleaning can be harmful when you are exposed to high levels, the amount that you will be exposed to via your clothing is not nearly high enough to cause any health problems.


Not everyone has the time or patience to devote to laundry. Zaiyna Laundry & Dry Cleaning provides personalized laundry service that gets your laundry done the way you want it. We will care for your laundry as well or better than you can, and get it back to you, folded or hung and looking great.

No more wasting hours of your life on laundry. Take back your life, and allow Zaiyna Laundry & Dry Cleaning to take care of your washing and folding.

Curtains, Carpets, Bed sheets & Blankets

No matter the size of the carpet, The Laundry Hub place hard on the dirt and gives it the original look.

Starching & Folding

We our fabric with hygienic starching to make it stiff and elegant.

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